As a Student-athlete, school will play a key role in every pupil's development not only from an educational perspective but also from a social standpoint. Having good grades and being a well-rounded individual are two major qualities which college coaches will look for during the recruiting process. 


We have teamed up with "I-CADEMY Middle East" in order to deliver a first class educational program alongside their golf development.

iCademy Middle East offers fully-supported education with quality and flexibility at its core.  Providing additional support, iCademy Middle East provides a fully-supported blended learning option.


Blended learning provides online students with the opportunity to attend the iCademy learning support class at sports village to receive academic support from our in-house staff which perfectly complements the online curriculum. By combining different methods of instruction, we are able to enrich student learning experiences, personalise education, and provide additional levels of support. Blended learning harnesses the power of technology, enabling multiple modal strategies to allow teachers to personalise students’ learning efficiently.


Because the blended learning environment is orientated around individual learners, it enables teachers to successfully meet each individual child’s needs. Students are able to reach their individual potential and are not limited by single teacher capabilities. The result? Students are continually engaged and challenged, leading to better individual outcomes.


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