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CHPGA Dubai is committed to helping young players grow and enhance their skills, setting them on the path to becoming better golfers. Our Junior Program allows students to learn the game in a fun and dynamic way, to help instill a real passion for golf in our young players! Kids will enjoy learning a variety of skills that can be transferred to their golf education and will help them progress more effortlessly in their game.


As they move through each designated level the program offers new challenges in line with their skill level and encourages them to put in more time and effort as they improve. At the golf school, we have always implemented the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) approach whereby we develop both golfing and physical skills as part of the program.  This type of approach also focuses on each student's biological age rather than chronological age, which means late bloomers and early developers are treated fairly and equally.


We have two distinct parts when it comes to the development of our juniors. Our JDP program offers juniors not only the ideal starting point to learn the game, but as they progress through each group level they can build their skills while developing a love for the game along the way. Our active start group will allow students as young as 3 years old to begin their golfing journey with us, and as they improve their skills and get a better understanding of the game they will work towards our top group which is tournament ready. 


Our Elite High School Program is an all-encompassing program which is designed to help our students develop the skills they need in order to be eligible for a college golf scholarship. This program is unique to the Middle East with both a Full time & Part Time option depending on what suits the requirements of each student.  Our full-time option intertwines with the student's education and offers elite athletes the flexibility to spend the required time needed to improve their game and compete on a worldwide stage, while also getting a great education along the way. 

For more information on our Junior Development program and our High School program simply click the links below. 



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