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Ch3 Dubai was the first centre in the Middle East to combine fitness with golf instruction, by offering state of the art facilities that can significantly help to improve a player’s golfing performance. Over the last few years, as golf has grown to become recognised as a much more athletic sport, the importance of physical fitness and agility has become a major factor in advancing a golfer’s game.





Claude Harmon III was quick to recognize this, and his vision for driving golfing performance through physical function has helped to revolutionise the way golf instruction is now being delivered in this region and beyond. At CH3 Dubai, we believe that long term success hinges on not only improving golf specific skills, it is also influenced greatly by a person’s physical attributes and lifestyle, from their posture and flexibility to strength and nutrition.


Under Claude’s expert guidance, BHSG Dubai has employed a full-time golf-specific fitness trainer who will assess all aspects of your movement and physical capabilities in order to help our golf professionals maximise their ability to make an alteration to your technique.  Our trainer will use physical movement screens through TPI, FMS and the Postural Restoration Institute to identify limitations within the swing and help you not only prevent injury but also increase your efficiency.  

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