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To sign up and ensure your place in the CH3 Junior Development Program, simply download the sign up form below and return it to the golf academy in person or email a scanned copy to


Thanks for submitting!




All of our sessions are taught in English We ask that all juniors arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of their session. The meeting point for sessions is the SwingEasy Store at the driving range beside the car park where the juniors will be picked up in our shuttle and dropped off at the conclusion of their class.


Parental Support


We wish to maintain a very open line of communication between our coaches and parents so we will add your email to our mailing list and add you to our WhatsApp group chat. Parental supervision is essential for Friday Practice as there will be no coach present in these sessions. Parental assistance in the Fundamental group in Kids on Course is appreciated. Any misbehavior during classes will result in our coaches issuing timeouts and further serious misbehavior may result in removal from class.




A class register will be taken at the start of every session. If you have to miss a session, a makeup session can be taken as long as there is space in another class. If you know your junior is going to miss a class please let us know.


Payment and Refunds


If starting part way through a term you can pay pro-rata for the remainder of the term. i.e. If you join on week three you will pay for 6 classes rather than 8. Pro-rata is only possible for those who join late and not those who will be missing classes throughout the term. If payment is not received by the 2nd week then the place will be given to those on the waitlist. We are not able to issue refunds in the JDP but in certain circumstances we can redeem the value on other CH3 services.


Monday Kids on Course and Friday Practice Evening


Kids on Course and Friday Practice run on a first come first serve basis and the sign-up sheet will restart every week. Registration for Kids on Course is by Sunday 4pm and Thursday 4pm for Friday Practice. Please email to register. Once sheet is full entries will be closed. These sessions are free of charge additions to the program and maybe cancelled if the facilities aren’t available. Your junior must have their own equipment to participate in these sessions as equipment will not be provided. Juniors can only attend Kids on Course once they have reached a certain standard which the coach will determine in class.  




CH3 Junior Golfer Release Form and Waiver of Liability


By registering for the CH3 Performance Golf Academy JDP, parents agree to the following release and waiver of liability.


By signing this release waiver, I understand that my child’s participation in activities at the CH3 Academy may present them with both known and unknown risks, foreseeable and unanticipated risks of injury, death or damage to property.

As a prerequisite to my child’s participation in these activities, I acknowledge that such risks exist, and I hereby release the indemnified parties of any claims for liability for death, injury or property damage.

I further understand that the Indemnified Parties will not maintain insurance which will cover my child for either death; personal injury, property damage or medical expenses, and I accept full responsibility for the costs of treatment for any injury or damages suffered while participating in the Invitational.

By signing this agreement I authorise the CH3 Academy to take my child’s photo and use it in promotional materials not limited to, posters, videos, social media, publications and presentations.

I agree that my child will not receive any fee in exchange for using their photo in promotional materials. 

I agree to hold the indemnified parties clear of any claims or expense that should arise from the use of my child’s photo.

I have fully informed myself of the terms of this release before signing and fully understand the terms made above.

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