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Exploring the joys of the game!

The Explorer package is perfect for any ladies that are new to the game or have played in the past and are looking to get back into golf.

The Explorer is an introduction to all areas of the game that will cover all fundamentals; while also giving you the opportunity to get out onto the golf course at the earliest opportunity.

This 9-week course will have given you enough information to feel confident enough to play and practise independently, developed a broad playing knowledge but also allow you the ability to contextualise new learning's. 


9 weeks x 1 hour classes

1300 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class


Once you have completed the 9 weeks, there is the option to continue onto the Explorer Plus+ or to the Player Programme whichever suits you best with the day and time of your class remaining the same. 


Explorer Plus +

Giving you the confidence for the course!

The Explorer Plus + package is the perfect next step for any ladies that want to continue their learning, with 2 extra classes added on the 1.5 hours class will take you on the course to put in to practise your ever improving skills. 

The Explorer Plus + continues building on the fundamentals already learnt in the Explorer package but delves deeper into the swing mechanics, while giving you the opportunity to get out onto the golf course at the earliest opportunity.

This 11-week course will have developed an even broader playing knowledge and taken your swing to the next level. 

11 Weeks 

10 x 1 hour classes

1 x 1.5 hour class

1600 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class



Ladies Group Classes have a 6-month expiry from the date of the first lesson. 

Catch-up classes will be available via attending another class time during the week if available, during the term you have signed up for. 

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