The Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy Programme provides a platform for ladies of all abilities to learn and improve their golf in a social and engaging environment. 


Our Teaching Professional Amy Millward is an accredited  coach and brings this award winning coaching programme to UAE and her Ladies Programme. Backed by ground-breaking research, is a proven approach to women’s coaching.

An alternative to what might be typically expected from women’s golf coaching, most coaching takes place on the golf course or contextualised through play on our world-class coaching facilities. However, fundamental skills are still introduced but only when required and when relevant to your game.

Whats Included with the Programme?

Access to the Claude Harmon Performance Academy and The Els Club Practise Facilities are available Sunday-Thursday for the duration of the Programme. If you would like to practise on Friday or Saturday it will be just 50 AED per person.




Exclusive Green Fee Rates

for The Els Club

9 holes (Sunday to Wednesday)

160 AED 

18 holes (Sunday to Wednesday)

275 AED 

T&C's Apply.

48 hours booking window prior to round.

Rate available only when booked at the golf shop.

No online bookings



Find your perfect group


Exploring the joys of the game!

The Explorer package is perfect for any ladies that are new to the game or have played in the past and are looking to get back into golf.

The Explorer is an introduction to all areas of the game that will cover all fundamentals; while also giving you the opportunity to get out onto the golf course at the earliest opportunity.

This 9-week course will have given you enough information to feel confident enough to play and practise independently, developed a broad playing knowledge but also allow you the ability to contextualise new learning's. 


9 weeks x 1 hour classes

1300 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class


Once you have completed the 9 weeks, there is the option to continue onto the Explorer Plus+ or to the Player Programme whichever suits you best with the day and time of your class remaining the same. 

Explorer Plus +

Giving you the confidence for the course!

The Explorer Plus + package is perfect for any ladies that don't feel ready to go to the Player level or don't have the time.

The Explorer Plus + continues building on the fundamentals already learnt in the Explorer but delves deeper into the swing mechanics, while giving you the opportunity to get out onto the golf course at the earliest opportunity.

This 11-week course will have developed an even broader playing knowledge and taken your swing to the next level. 

11 Weeks 

10 x 1 hour classes

1 x 1.5 hour class

1600 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class


Playing the game as its meant to be played!

The Player package is the next level from the Explorer/Explorer Plus+ package, however if you have already been taking lessons and looking to join the CH3PGA Ladies programme this is the class for you.

The Players continue to learn the game out on the course, while also learning new skills on both the range and course that were not covered in the explorer package.

This 9-week course will focus on new techniques and skills that require you to play on a longer course, but continue to build your knowledge of the game that was formed over the 1st 9 weeks.


9 weeks x 90 minute classes

1900 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class


The players package isn’t just a 9 week option, you may remain in this class until you are playing regularly enough.


Create your competitive edge! 

Are you a regular player? Do you have a handicap? Then the Competitor class will suit you. Perhaps yourself and your fellow lady golfers are after some regular tuition together in a fun and sociable environment. You will have the freedom as to what is covered and learnt.

The Competitor package seeks to improve strike and distance with all clubs but also working on course management and shot selection, therefore this class will involve a considerable play element. 


9 weeks x 90 minute classes

1900 AED 

Maximum 6 people per Class


Once you have reached the Competitor package this is not the end, this class will be available for as long as you wish to stay in the Ladies programme. 

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