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The Elite Golf Program provides a unique pathway for junior golfers, allowing them to gain qualifications both academically and vocationally without impacting on their training and coaching development. Students enrolled into The Elite Golf Programme (EGP) will receive a first-class British education from internationally renowned provider GEMS Education, alongside world-class coaches belonging to the prestigious Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy. 

We aim to develop student athletes and holistically prepare them for their college golf journey. Our objective is to give them a clear pathway towards their goals and provide them with a bespoke education curriculum and personalized timetable that facilitates a fully time golf coaching schedule.


Every student we work with has different strengths and goals, and with that in mind, our program is designed to accommodate each individual's wants and needs in order to help them find their own pathway to success. We want to create a student who not only a capable golfer but also one who is of sound charecter and academically strong.


Our coaching combines the traditional and proven coaching philosophy of the Harmon Family with the latest in golf technology and fact-based coaching. Our opinion is that there is not one way for everyone to swing the club, but there is one efficient way for each individual to play the game based on their strengths. It is our belief that having a group of highly competitive golfers play, practice and test their skills against each other provides a huge benefit to progressing their golf and lowering their scores. 

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Upon starting the program each student will be put through a full assessment and goal setting program. Our initial assessment week will take into account how each student plays on the golf course, how they technically swing the golf club and how their skills stack up in each area of the game. From there, our coaches will sit down as a group with the student and decide on their goals for the year aimed at making each individual answerable and accountable throughout the year.


The evidence gathered in the benchmarking and assessment phase will allow us to make an informed decision as to where their coaching needs to be focused, while also allowing us to make a measured assessment every couple of months based on their initial goals. Once the initial assessment week is complete we will design a blueprint for each individual student to help them plan and track their improvement as the season goes on. 



As a full-time golfer, we fully believe that physical training is an essential part of their weekly routine. Golf is a game that requires strength, mobility and speed, however having a physically strong body is not only key for improving performance, but given the rigorous schedule that players must face throughout a season, it also plays a key role in injury prevention. During the assessment phase, each student will be screened thoroughly to assess their strength, power and mobility. The screening process highlights limitations in any of these areas, allowing the coach to generate a personalized program to help them become stronger and more functional. 

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The glue that binds the whole thing together is the mental approach. Our program has four levels. One, a curriculum, classroom-based course. This forms the basis of the on-tee mental training, which in turn leads to tournament mental training at our competitive events. Character is just as important to us as the golfer, so we have a character program which looks at giving-back and the enrichment of the lives of others.


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