Below are some testimonials from ladies who have taken part in our Ladies Program. 


Farah Pearson

I have completed several rounds of the ladies program, starting from the beginner level and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Amy does a fantastic job of tailoring to individual strengths and development needs, over a variety of learning methodologies, making it easy to grasp.


Great to be able to apply what we learn on the range on the golf course, in the form of short games and ladies social events.


As a bonus, I’ve also made good connections and friendships from the program!

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Kelly Sadler

Coach Amy Millward is so friendly and Patient. 

She has made learning to play golf so much fun! 

Gaye Powell

Amy Millward is such a brilliant golf teacher and explains things simply to make them easy to follow and understand. I have progressed really well and look forward to the next sessions.

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Jennifer Duarte

“I was taking classes at the ELS club on Tuesdays at 6.30pm with Amy Millward.


She is a great golf instructor. She is always creative with her teaching skills and keeps things simple.


She will not overload you with instructions, but instead will focus on a few simple drills to build your golf swing”