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What is Performance Coaching?

A performance coach helps golfers optimise their abilities through a unique approach to training. They combine psychological, mental and physical elements that allow them to develop comprehensive development plans in order to achieve their goals. 


Performance coaching is designed to focus on less technical aspects of the game such as :


Setting efficient goals

Assessing your game

Course Management

How you prepare for your round

Making the most of your practice time 

How can a Performance Coach help?

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Luke Joy - Performance Coach

Luke Joy.jpg

Current Playing Professional, and multiple winner worldwide on the Europro, MENA, Jamega Tours, Luke's passion for High Performance has led him towards assisting other Elite golfers to get the most out of their practice, and their game. 


A Certified Mindfactor coach, Luke is known for helping golfers maximize their efficiency in practice in order to help them improve their scores and reach their goals. Through his experience of playing, winning, and working towards the European Tour Luke can help you get the most out of your game through efficient practice and a world-class mindset.

His interests include how a player can use their mind to better aid performance by finding their own personal way to better golf. From practice efficiencies to day to day mindset work, Luke is passionate about players becoming the best versions of themselves to aid performance on and off the golf course. 


Practice like you Play

The training plan is a unique, coaching environment designed for players who are determined to pursue continuous improvement on order to achieve their next level of their performance. Hosted by our Director of Instruction Jamie McConnell, these weekly sessions will ultimately challenge your game, allow you to work on key areas that are often neglected, and ultimately help you achieve success. 


The training plan will give you the opportunity to back up any technical improvements made during individual lessons, with a series of skill and performance drills to help you develop and advance your game. 


The Training Plan is designed for golfers who have a single figure handicap or better, and who are looking to reach into the upper echelons of high-performance golf. These classes are 

 designed to push you to your limits, test your skill and help you improve your performance under pressure. 

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