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Elite Golf Program 


Mission Statement 

To provide our students with a first class education and golf coaching program to holistically prepare them for collegiate and professional golf. 


To create a golfing academy that becomes a central hub for the development of the best junior golfers in the region. Promoting participation, enjoyment, understanding and excellence within golf alongside high academic achievement. We will prepare students for collegiate golf programs and a future as a World Number One golfer. 




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Individual Lessons - Each week students will get one on one attention from their relevant coach. This time is designed to make any technical changes that may be required to help their game.


Individual Fitness - Individual fitness sessions will give the students one on one time with our Director of Fitness. This time is designed to assess their development, reprogram their exercise library and put them through their paces in the gym. 


Group Training - Students will attend two hours of group training each week which will help them test and develop the skills they possess through various challenges and tasks. This "non-technical" side of the program is key to helping them take their technical improvements to the golf course without disruption.  


Group Fitness - Each student will be given a program of exercises which they are expected to work through each week in the Gym. Supervised Fitness will be held in a group setting with all of our students expected to work through their individual programs under the supervision of our Director of Fitness. 


Group Practice - To be a top professional every student needs to have a significant amount of self-determination & competitiveness. Group Practice allows them to practice what they have learned during their coaching sessions, and apply those skills against the other students. 


On Course - Course strategy, Pre-Shot Routines and tournament preparation are all part and parcel with competitive golf. The on course session provides students with a chance to play The Els Club Championship course weekly with their peers. 



As a Student-Athlete, the student aspect can often be forgotten and neglected whilst prioritising their athletic endeavours. Our partnership with GEMS First Point School provides a unique pathway for junior golfers, allowing them to gain qualifications both academically and vocationally without impacting on their training and coaching development. 

Students enrolled into The Elite Golf Program will receive a first-class British education from an internationally renowned provider GEMS education. 



As part of our Elite Golf Program students will receieve a number of additional benefits which they may avail of, they include:

Pastoral care and support to ensure students are managing their schedules and maintaining excellence in both their golf and education 


Annual Golf Clinic with Claude Harmon III


Membership to The Els Club Dubai

Free College Golf Recruiting Introductory session


Free access to the Claude Harmon Performance Academy & Gym

Transport between the school and golf facilities

College application planning and support

Fitness, strength and conditioning training in state of the art facilities

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