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CH3 College Golf Recruitment Webinar

This week saw the CH3 Academy Team host a college recruitment information webinar alongside ForeCollegeGolf and GEMS First Point School.

Under the mediation of GEMS Elite Golf Program coach Mike Bolt, speakers Jamie McConnell (Director of Instruction – CH3 Performance Golf), Matthew Tompkins (Principal – GEMS First Point School) and Michael Smith (ForeCollegeGolf) talked participants through the college recruiting system and NCAA protocols, painting a picture of what is needed to successfully start and plan a student athletes college journey.

ForeCollegeGolf’s Michael Smith provided a number of very valuable tools and links to evaluate colleges and aid students in starting to develop an idea of the type of college and location to fit their preferences.

To find more information on how the GEMS Elite Golf Program can help you on your college journey visit:


Any queries on the college recruitment process or elite golf program can be addressed to

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