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Brightest Young Players Tackle Mena Tour Test

This week is an exciting one for the team at The Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy as we see off a number of our talented young juniors as they test themselves against a number of top players who are taking Part in the MENA tour Qualifying school in Jordan.

Arjun Gupta, Josh Hill & Toby Bishop

Ranging between the tender ages of 14-18 ; Josh Hill, Toby Bishop, Arjun Gupta, Bradley Mogire and Hoshi Yadev will all compete in the 2 qualifying stages of the MENA tour over the next two weeks. After traveling to Ayla Golf Club in Aqaba, Jordan they are aiming to test their skills about a number of players who have competed at both a Challenge tour and European tour level. An ambitious objective for any golfer, it is even more impressive to think these amateur golfers are all so early in their golfing journey and the test will prove to be an excellent learning experience for the group.

These 5 juniors are looking to follow in the footsteps of Rayhan Thomas, another of our young players who actually won on the MENA 2 years ago having gone down the stretch to claim victory at his home course Dubai Creek.

The first round of qualifying (Q School – A) took place from Jan 30th– February 1stwith the second batch (Q School - B) playing between Sunday February 3rdand Tuesday February 5th. Each qualifying section has 30 spots available for the 2019 season.

Good Luck Boys!

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