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The Right clubs at the Right time

Equipment is one of the most important aspects of our children’s golfing development, and while having the correct equipment can significantly aid a young budding golfer, having the incorrect equipment can often damage their chances of progressing not only now, but also further down the line.

In the past parents have often given their children old sets of clubs which they have cut down without thinking of the possible ramifications to their child’s development. While they may have gotten the length of the club correct, the lie angle and weight of the club will still harm their progress and enjoyment of the game.

Having clubs that do not suit a junior can have a number of ramifications:

- A club that is too long or too heavy will lead to swing problems that can often be difficult to reverse.

- A club that is ill suited will make it difficult for the child to get the ball airborne and as a result affect their desire to play the game

- A club that is too long and too heavy can cause compensations in the swing that can often result in injury with many juniors.

The most common problem we see with ill fitted golf clubs is the player struggles to get the golf club in the air correctly and as a result often produces poor contact. This will lead to a very upright body position at the top of the backswing and a flat shoulder and club position. The result of this is an inconsistent contact and often an inability to strike the golf ball at all.

Taken from Study by Andy Gorman

These days there is no excuse for having clubs that are too long or too heavy as manufacturers have created endless options for parents to choose from. Almost every manufacturer has a light weight junior option available, however there is still cause for concern. All too often we see parents buying clubs that are “the next size up” so they will “grow into them”, however although this may be true the damage could be done by that stage. As coaches we would always prefer that students use clubs that are if anything slightly too small and too light. This will make it easier for them to create speed and also force them to work harder to stay in posture during the swing.

At the Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy we are fully equipped to measure and assess the clubs that your child is or should be using. Junior fittings are available on request and we are more than happy to assist you in purchasing the correct equipment for your child. To help parents measure their child correctly for their clubs we have put together a recommended Length and Lie chart for each club in the bag:

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