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Ladies... This ONE is for YOU.

I've blinked and my first month at CH3PGA is nearly over! 

I've been extremely busy planning and we have a completely new ladies programme starting at the end of October, a Ladies taster experience organised as well as other events in the pipeline. 


Our LADIES Programme: 

If you are ready to explore the game and give it a go, or you are already playing and involved in the game or you class yourself as a competitor we have a ladies group that will fit you needs. Head to the Claude Harmon 3 Website and check out our ladies classes and which one will suit your diary! You can sign straight up to our classes by contact me at or if you are unsure come along to our 1st taster day of the season to try it out. We already have 11 ladies signed up! has arrived at CH3PGA.

Our ladies classes will follow the ground breaking research discovered by Head Coach Alastair Spink. is a proven approach to women’s coaching, delivered by a community of coaches who engage, inspire and progress women in the sport. 

An alternative to what might be typically expected from women’s golf coaching, most coaching takes place on the golf course or contextualised through play on our world-class coaching facilities. However, fundamental skills are still introduced but only when required and when relevant to your game.  We will be having a guest blog post from Alastair soon, so Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post by him!!!

As well as this, I had the amazing opportunity of doing a feature piece for Golf Digest Middle East on Ladies Golf. 

Grab yourself a copy of Golf Digest Middle East to read about my plans for growing Ladies Golf in the Dubai, or head online to their website to watch my video I create with them! Disclaimer: It involves a short game tip for all you ladies! 

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