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Golf Clinics with Claude Harmon III this October 2021...

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Claude Harmon III will be hosting a series of coaching clinics this October at the Claude Harmon III Performance Golf Academy.

Professional Coaching Development Workshop

Our first event of the week will be a coaching seminar for any coaches looking to develop their skills, improve their knowledge or find out more about coaching the best players in the world. Throughout this workshop Claude will share his experiences from tour, and provide practical takeaways to coaches which they can implement immediately in their day to day lessons.

The clinic will take place at The Els Club on Monday 4th of October at 7pm

UAE PGA Members - AED 250

Non UAE PGA Professionals - AED 500

If you would like to reserve a space please email Jamie at

Group Coaching Clinic

During Claude's trip students will have the opportunity to receive coaching in an intimate group setting at the academy. During these sessions Claude will help you with your game, advise you on your swing and help you understand what you may need to incorporate into your practice in order to lower your scores. These clinics are extremely limited in terms of availability and places will be granted on a first come first serve basis.

The clinic will take place at Academy on the following dates:

Monday 4th October at 4.30pm - 6pm

Friday 8th October at 9am - 10:30am.

The cost for these is 500 AED per person

If you would like to reserve a space please email Jamie at

Junior Golf Clinic

Our junior golfers will have the opportunity to spend time with Claude during an open Q & A on Sunday 3rd of October. During this session our juniors will have the opportunity to learn about what makes tour players different and how they can improve their game to reach their overall goals in the future.

The Junior Clinic will take place on Sunday 3rd October at 5pm

There will be no charge for this clinic and places will be given on an invite only basis

If you would like to reserve a space please email Jamie at

The Next Step - 3rd Level Education

Finding "The Next Step" for our young golfers is always a difficult decision to make. Idea's of being the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy are often what juniors golfers see as their pathway in the future, but the reality of the sport is that so few ever reach that level. With that in mind our most important task is to help our junior golfers find out not only what the next step is, but what the best next step for each individual is. With so many options out there it is almost impossible to filter through the information and come to the right conclusions.

It is with that in mind that we are delighted to announce a seminar for CH3 Performance Golf Students. The presentation will explore a multitude of options for young golfers once they have completed school. Through our partners and colleagues, participants will gain an overview of the landscape available for them within the golf industry when finishing the traditional schooling system and will have the opportunity to ask questions to some of the industries leaders in their field.

All presenters will give information on their experiences in their specialist subject and discuss the pathways, constraints and opportunities available to young golfers.

This clinic will be held online through Zoom

Tuesday 5th October @ 6pm DXB time

There will be no charge for this clinic and places will be given on an invite only basis

To sign up to this exciting event contact

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