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CH3 Junior Performance Group

The CH3 Performance group will be a regular, class based discussion amongst the Highest performing juniors of the Claude Harmon Performance Acadamy. Each week the group will sit down to discuss and chat about all things performance and work through things that may come up in a week to week in tournaments. Invitees will experience a group environment focused on performance analysis and provide an outlet for students to evaluate, plan and discuss their game with each other and a member of the CH3 Golf Academy team.

Sessions will focus on:

Stats keeping and interpretation

Tournament Performance Analysis

Efficient Practice scheduling

Goal setting

Regular debates and discussions

The sessions will provide an open forum for participants to discuss all things golf and performance with the ultimate goal of lowering tournament scores. Classes will be free to attend for all juniors who are working with CH3 golf coaches and will take place on Sunday's at 6.00pm.

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