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Methodology for Searching Scientific Literature for Writing a Dissertation

The dissertation is a research work, during which the author dives deep into the topic, thoroughly studies the issue, and then proposes measures to improve and optimize the situation, substantiating their effectiveness. To write a dissertation, it is important to choose the “information foundation” correctly and competently. Experienced performers recommend that researchers use only verified data.

What literature is suitable for writing a dissertation research?

Finding suitable literature is one of the longest and most difficult stages. In fact, the further fate of the study depends on this step. And the excess or lack of information complicates the process of writing a scientific work: in one case, the author should study all the sources for a long time.

Choose from them only reliable, reasoned and justified, and in another case, the lack of material complicates the process of a full disclosure of the topic. It should be noted that the dissertation is based solely on current data. It is best that the publication date is fresh, no more than 3 years old.

Literature requirements for writing a dissertation

The main criteria for selecting sources of information for writing a dissertation research are reflected in the guidelines. This document reflects the rules for the design of the bibliography. Compliance with these criteria is mandatory and unquestioning. The slightest violation is fraught with inadmissibility to protection. The dissertation is based on a large amount of information.

Therefore, the list of references should reflect at least 100-150 sources (up to 600 pieces) from which the information was borrowed. It is important that the text contains links and footnotes to these fragments. The selected literature and information taken from it should not cause serious criticism, contain disagreements. All theories, methods and other data should be in the same direction, touch and reflect the same direction of the author.

Therefore, when selecting resources, it is necessary to carefully study them, compare them with other works, look for common ground, etc. Thus, competently and correctly selected literature predetermines success in defense. It helps the author to understand the situation and develop an effective mechanism for eliminating current defects, improve the life of the object (company, industry or country as a whole).

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