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Constantly Improving


Like our players we are always looking to improve the school and what we offer to students. For those of you who have been around over the summer you will most certainly have noticed the difference in the turf condition on the main tee. This has been a huge project which was undertaken by Stuart and the agronomy team.

The goal of this renovation was a simple, create a better surface for our students to enjoy! This project had a few different parts to it:

1) Level and extend both the front and back of the tee

2) Discard 4 inches of turf & soil in order to remove the grain and improve the firmness of the turf.

3) Increase the size of the tee to ensure the turf condition can be kept to a high standard.

4) Renovate the pro tee to have the best turf available for the number of professionals who practice here before the Race to Dubai and Dubai Desert Classic.

As you can see from the above photo's it has been a huge success and Stuarts team has done an exceptional job giving us the most perfect turf conditions that we could have asked for.


As September fast approaches so too does the beginning of the 2019/20 Junior Program. One of the biggest segments of feedback which we took from parents last year was our testing protocol. Normally testing week would take place 3 times a year (every nine weeks) and as a result of this test kids may move up a hat level or even a class level if their results were good enough, however the harsh reality of this type of test is it would not always show the progress in which the children had made throughout their time at the program.

This year we will be doing an ongoing assessment whereby every week there will be a minor test in various parts of their game. This means that they will have the opportunity to test their skills immediately after working on a particular area, and should they fail the test they will have the opportunity to test multiple times in any given term. Each time they pass a skill they will receive a badge, once all 9 badges of the same colour are gathered they will get to the next hat level (and with it new tests) and potentially a new class.

In addition to this we also plan to host our first ever par 3 event at some point during the year. This will be a huge addition to the school as we find it extremely useful for the kids to have the opportunity to learn how to play competitive golf at a young age.


We are delighted to announce that we will soon be launching our Cobra/Puma Retail outlet at the reception of the school. As part of this we will have the latest Puma apparel for Men, Women and Juniors to purchase along with a number of Logoed products from the CH3 Line. We hope to be up and running by September and we will be announcing the grand opening in the coming months!

Digital Image of the Puma Retail Outlet

1, 2 & 3 Day Golf Schools

As most of you are aware getting the time to really work hard and improve your golf can often be difficult. One thing we are aiming to do is provide the first selection of 1, 2 & 3 day golf schools to the region! These schools will allow students to dedicate a full day or more to improving their game. Students will have the opportunity to work with our coaches on all areas of their game both on the range and on the course, and work on topics that would almost never come up in a standard one hour lesson.

Our first 1 day school will take place on September 13th 2019.

More to Come!!

As much as we have done throughout the summer, there is even more still to come! Stay tuned for:

- New staff members joining the school

- An exciting new putting studio & Brand Joining us

- Cobra Fitting Days

- A new ladies program


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