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As technology brings us closer together it also allows the coaches at CHPGA to be more accessible than ever. No matter what country you are in or what your budget you can now have our coaches assess and improve your golf swing, while also helping you improve your practice habits & on-course performance.


 Our instructors offer a number of online options to help you lower your scores. From a simple online video lesson to a detailed month by month stats assesment & practice plan, we have a solution for you. 


Video lessons offer you a simple way to make sure the fundamentals of your golf swing are in place and allows our instructors to offer some advice on where you can improve your technique. 


Simply sending a face on and down the line video to our instructors allows you to receive a private training space on our "Coach now" Platform, as well as 1 swing review at the beginning of the month and a follow-up video 30 days later.  




Our performance analysis works in conjunction with our standard video analysis package. As part of the performance analysis, you will receive 2 video lessons and a full statistical analysis each month. 


Our recommended app for Statistics is Upgame which allows students to easily input the data for any course worldwide and share with our coaches.  From this data, our instructors will be able to recommend what areas of your game you need to spend the most time on, while also setting you intermediate goals and targets to achieve during the course of the month in an effort to lower your scores.  



When it comes to practice people often tend to spend a long time on the driving range, working on hitting the same shot repetitively and rarely see those skills transfer to the golf course.  This type of practice can often be boring and time-consuming with little or no relevance to actually playing golf.


The final part of our online program allows our coaches to put the information from your swing assessment and statistical analysis together, and create a number of bespoke practice plans to keep you on track with your practice each month.  



Golf skills are not the only aspect of your game improvement that we cover at CHPGA. To maximise your performance on the golf course and reduce the risk of injury you must prepare your body accordingly. 


Our online fitness program includes 2 x 30-minute Skype sessions each month as well as regular updates to your fitness plan. Our fitness professional Allister Parlane will guide you through your unique fitness plan each month, in order to help you improve your limitations and ultimately make it easier for you to make the correct technical changes in your golf swing. 


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