CH3 Junior Development Programme Policy and Terms and Conditions  

Please take note of the following guidelines for our Junior Development Programme at CH3. These are put in place to ensure the most advanced programme is delivered and to ensure your junior gets the most out of each and every session.


All sessions are taught in English

For all sessions, the Meeting Point is at The Swing Easy Hardware Store at The Els Club side of the range, close to putting green. This allows easy access to and from the car park.

Please arrive 15mins before start time for the shuttle service to CH3 Academy.

Parental Support

Thursday practices MUST have a parent/guardian accompanying their child, Parents/guardians are responsible for their child during these sessions.

We encourage parents to help and support during Kids on Course classes!

We wish to communicate fully with parents throughout the year so we will add your email to our database and phone number to the broadcast list.

Misbehavior during class will result in the appointed coach issuing time outs.

Further serious misbehavior may result in removal from class and the parent/guardian being contacted



A class register will be taken at each session

Make up classes are allowed but only if spaces are available in other classes.

If the junior is going to miss classes due to serious circumstances, such as medical emergencies, please contact us by email info@ch3performancegolf.com


Payment and Refunds

If starting part way through a term, you will be charged pro rata for the remainder of the term e.g. 1675AED/10 = 167.5 (6 weeks remaining) so payment is 6 x 167.5 = 1005 AED. This is only applicable to juniors beginning the program part way through a term, not juniors who are continuing a term and may miss a number of weeks due to holidays etc.

If Payment is not received by 2nd group lesson of the term then the juniors place in the class can be given to those on the waitlist

The JDP operates a no refunds policy, however should an unavoidable case be submitted terms may be postponed under certain circumstances. 


Kids On Course and Supervised Practice

Must register to participate by Saturday at 3pm for Kids on Course and Wednesday at 4pm for Thursday Practice Evening, email info@ch3performancegolf.com - Late entries are NOT accepted.

Kids on course is a free of charge addition to the programme and occasionally maybe cancelled or rescheduled when the course or range is not available.

All juniors who wish to participate in the kids on course sessions must have their own equipment (Clubs, Balls, Tees etc) and wear suitable golfing attire. Juniors without equipment will not be permitted to participate.

For fundamentals juniors who are looking to participate in the Kids on Course sessions we request that a parent stays present at all times. Once juniors move to a course ready level this is not required.

Juniors can only attend Kids on course when they reach a certain level which is confirmed by the coach during regular class.