With the growth of the Junior Development program last season this year we will be offering more classes than ever at the academy in order to make it easier than ever for parents to find a suitable time for their kids to attend. Our 4 key levels will remain exactly the same, however this year we plan to introduce a new testing system that allows juniors to move through each level as soon as they are ready.  Juniors are also welcome to attend the supervised practice and kids on course classes each week at no extra cost. 


Learning the technique of a golf swing or a putting stroke is only a small part when you look at the skills required to successfully play the game of golf. We fully understand this and each week we offer two additional classes which are free for your juniors to attend. 




Supervised practice is designed to give our juniors the opportunity to come to the range, hit some balls and work on what they had learned during their coaching session. There will be at least one coach on hand to help juniors out and give any advice where required. 


Parents are requested to attend supervised practice at all times, and registration through our reception is essential. 




PLAY is a word that can be often overlooked when it comes to juniors taking up the game of golf. However, in our view playing on the golf course is probably the single most important part of not only developing their skills and teaching them the game but also for sparking their long term enjoyment and love for the sport.


Each week our juniors will take the golf course to test their skills and put into practice what they have done in their classes and practice sessions. For fundamentals, they will play a 5 hole shortened par 3 course and for the course ready groups and above they will take on the main course off distance appropriate tees.


For juniors to participate in kids on the course we require they have their own set of golf clubs and they are assessed by a coach prior to commencing their first session. Booking is essential each week to attend kids on course.


Each of our classes is designed around three 9 week terms which roughly follow the school year. Classes vary in length from 45minutes up to 2 hours depending on the class the level of the class and the time required to work through the necessary Activities. Classes are as follows:


Active Start - Ages 3-5 - 45 minute class - AED 870

Fundamentals - Ages 5-9 - 1 hour class - AED1100

Course Ready -  Ages 7 - 15 - 1.5 hour class - AED1500

Tournament ready - Ages 10-17 - 2 hour class - AED2000


All new students are required to pay an additional registration fee of AED250 


If you wish to find out more about our junior program, or register your interest in the program please simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Junior Program Registration

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